Understand Your Role in Getting Veterans Connected to the VA blends written content with an audiobook and podcast from real veterans and advocates. So, while you are reading content online, you can also hear real people talk about the issue at-hand.

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Why Should You Tell Veterans to Enroll in Va Healthcare or Pursue a VA Benefits Claim?

  • Veterans may require medical care for service-related conditions beyond what is provided by their care outside of the VA, even if they do not believe they have any issues or conditions related to their time in the military. Providers at the VA are trained to recognize and treat veteran-specific emerging health issues.  
  • Veterans may have been exposed to different chemical, physical, and environmental hazards during service, and while you may have extensive experience working with veterans, there may be additional symptoms that you are not trained to recognize.  
  • Receiving VA benefits compensation means earning tax-free monetary compensation for injuries and illnesses sustained in service. Veterans can also earn employment preference points and small business assistance.