Vets Helping Vets: The Podcast

Vets Helping Vets is a podcast series featuring stories and insights from veterans, for veterans. 

Season 1 out now!

Financial Aid Tools
for Student Veterans

We’re kicking it off with a focus on financial tools for student veterans to prevent and alleviate debt, maximize veteran education benefits, and create steps to succeed in school.

Stay tuned for more content on accessing VA benefits, housing resources, recovery stories, and more.  
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Episode 2

GI Bill: Use It Now Or Use It Later?

One of the biggest concerns about the GI Bill is recognizing the right time to use it. Tyler Solorio and Victor Inzunza discuss their thoughts and experiences using the GI Bill.

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Episode 3

Make the Most of Your Education Benefits

There are numerous education benefits that many are not aware of, which can mean missing out on important benefits you are entitled to. Victor and Tyler talk about these benefits and different ways they can be utilized.

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Episode 4

How to Deal with Debt During College

Victor and Tyler discuss the pitfalls of debt and the need to understand budgeting.

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Episode 5

Budgeting Basics for Student Veterans

Victor and Tyler talk about establishing budget goals, savings, and free resources on budgeting.

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Episode 6

VA Work Study Program

Victor talks about the VA Work Study Program in detail as Tyler reflects on not utilizing it in school.

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Episode 7

Veteran Readiness and Employment Program: Is It Right For You?

Tyler and Victor discuss Veteran Readiness and Employment (VRE), which can help with job training, employment accommodations, resume development, starting your own business, and job seeking skills coaching. They discuss their own experiences and how VRE can benefit you.

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US Army, 2000-2001
US Army, 2000-2001
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About Vets Helping Vets

Veterans with lived experience can tell an important story, providing insights to other veterans that no other perspective can provide.

Our Vets Helping Vets: Financial Tools for Student Veterans series includes topics like what to know before starting school, how to maximize veteran benefits, and tips to prevent and alleviate debt while in school.

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