Our Service Centers

Our service centers are your access point to the resources you need. Upon first visit, service center staff can guide you towards whatever you need to uplift your life - no matter your discharge status or identity.
We are here for ALL veterans.

San Francisco
1060 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Monday to Friday

(415) 727-VETS (8387)
330 Franklin St Suite 100,
Oakland, CA 94607

Monday to Friday


Our Activities

Check out our calendars for our community groups, events, and many more.
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Building Community

Our services

Interested in any of our services? Contact us or visit one of our drop-in centers.

Health & Wellness
Food, mail services, hygiene kits, medical support, counseling & more.
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Housing search and placement, rental assistance, SSI & SSDI support & more.
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VA benefits, character of discharge, military discharge upgrades, & more.
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Jobs for Vets
Job readiness training, resume and cover letter review, networking events & more.
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