Setting Goals for Your Campus: A Self-Assessment

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May 26, 2021
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  1. How does your institution define a commitment to serving veteran students?  
  2. What structured supports does your institution offer student veterans? Are they meeting their intended goals? How do you assess this?  
  3. How can institutional policies—including outreach, recruitment, admissions, enrollment, transfer and articulation, and student support services—be strengthened to better support the pathways by which veterans access the institution and complete their degree?
  4. How is your institution providing resources on education benefits available to veterans?
    Are veterans experiencing barriers to benefits that require outside resources?  
    Are veterans burdened with seeking this information themselves? How can this referral be facilitated?  
  5. What potential outreach methods can you utilize?  
  6. How does your institution screen for military and veteran status?
    How do you use this information to reach veterans?  
  7. Do veterans feel encouraged to self-identify and take advantage of resources?  
  8. Do you offer on-campus counseling for veterans?  
  9. Do faculty, student affairs professionals, and leaders receive training on veteran culture, needs, and resources?  

Listen to Victor Inzunza, Marine Corps Iraq Veteran, and Tyler Solorio, Army Afghanistan Veteran, discuss from former student veteran perspectives how colleges can best support student veterans.

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