How to Support Student Veterans: A Guide for Campus Staff, Educators, and Advocates blends written content with an audiobook and podcast from real veterans and advocates. So, while you are reading content online, you can also hear real people talk about the issue at-hand.

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About the chapter

Why Learning How to Support Student Veterans Will Help You:

  • Colleges and universities across the country have seen veteran enrollment increase. This student population is often at an intersection in their lives. They left a life in the military behind and now find themselves in a new environment with new rules, procedures, and ways of engaging with others. Both worlds could not be more different.
  • The experiences of student veterans vary wildly depending on the resources and services in place on campuses. Some campuses have strategically developed programs for veterans and understand the importance of institutional supports; others either do not know how to respond to this population or remain unaware of the specific needs that veterans would like addressed.
  • Veterans may feel isolated on campus, navigating a new space so different from their military life. Learning ways to engage with and support student veterans will increase the likelihood that they remain and succeed in college.  

Learning about veterans who have returned to school will help you if:

  • You are working in a student veterans service organization, administrative or leadership capacity on campus, or directly with veterans in a student services-related position.
  • You are an advocate who is passionate about student veteran success in college, even if you are not a veteran yourself.