Funding the Work: Department of Labor and Block Grants

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May 28, 2021
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For information related to Department of Labor (DOL) grants, the DOL provides a section on their website located here.  

The DOL has created an employment-focused competitive grant program titled the Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program (HVRP). Authorized in 1987, HVRP continues today with three priority groups: chronically homeless veterans, homeless women veterans, and incarcerated veterans, each one having a dedicated program. The original HVRP is two subgroups: The Incarcerated Veterans Transition Program (IVTP) and Homeless Female Veterans and Veterans with Families Program (HFVVWF). Accompanied in that section is also an Employment Assistance Guide for Service Providers Helping Homeless Veterans.

Although not specific to veterans, Community Service Block Grants (CSBG) provide funds that target poverty at the community level. CSBG is for both governments and state-designated organizations, but CSBGs are applied for by the government and then funneled to local organizations for their target goals. The states receive the funds, issue out the funds, and then provide oversight with 90 percent of the award going to local entities. For more information, see the Office of Community Services.

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