DD214 Corrections for Veterans Discharged Under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and Prior Policies

This guide is intended to set forth a step-by-step process to upgrading a less than fully Honorable discharge characterization, changing the narrative reason for discharge, and upgrading the reenlistment code (RE-Code) for veterans discharged under DADT and prior policies.


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February 18, 2020
Plan Ahead: Protect Your Rights Before You Leave the Military
After you’re discharged, you may want to apply for VA benefits or a discharge upgrade. You’ll need documentation and the time to get it is now — while you’re still in the military. Here’s a comprehensive list of the materials you’ll need.
Dealing with Government Agencies
If you’re doing business with government agencies such as the VA and the Social Security Administration, follow these pointers to simplify the process and improve your chances of success.
February 18, 2020
Back-to-Back and Conditional Discharges
You stayed in the service beyond your original ETS date, but you left the military with a discharge that was less than fully Honorable. You may still be able to get most VA benefits — without a discharge upgrade or a Character of Service Determination.