No Wrong Door: Approach to Community-Based Veteran Care blends written content with an audiobook and podcast from real veterans and advocates. So, while you are reading content online, you can also hear real people talk about the issue at-hand.

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About the chapter

Why learning about veteran care approach will help you:

  1. Becoming culturally informed of the veteran experience is an essential first step in delivering community-based services.  
  1. Understanding effective approaches to care—from outreach, to the physical design of facilities, to trauma-informed interviewing and community collaboration—allows you to translate substantive knowledge to best practices.

How will a veteran-centric, community-based approach to care enhance services?

  1. Veterans will feel more comfortable accessing care and services and disclosing the information you need in order to serve them.
  1. Veterans will more likely engage and remain in services, and have positive outcomes.
  1. Veteran services will be woven into broader community support and networks of care.