Other Agencies That Serve Veterans: A Quick List

Photo by Marine Corps Cpl. Jessica Aranda, courtesy of the Department of Defense

Federal Agencies: A Quick List

Federal Benefits Include:  

  • Federal Home Loans
  • Healthcare
  • Pension/Disability Compensation
  • Education Benefits
  • Housing Supports

California State Agencies that Serve Veterans: A Quick List

California Department of Veterans Affairs:

  • Operates Veterans Homes
  • State Home Loans
  • VA Claims
  • Advocacy/Assistance
  • Education

Employment Development Department:  

  • Employment Assistance
  • Resume Help  
  • Job Placement

State-Level Benefits:  

  • Financial Benefits
  • Veteran Home Loans
  • California Veterans’ Homes
  • Veteran Recreation Benefits
  • Veteran Employment Preference

Local / Non-Governmental Agencies

On the local level, there are a multitude of organizations that can help veterans. These can be categorized as county-level veteran service offices which operate in each individual county, and local non-profits which support veterans through social services, housing, and employment resources.  

Local non-profits may also administer federal and state programs, including:

  • Supportive Services for Veterans and Families (SSVF): Rapid rehousing and eviction prevention.
  • Transitional supportive housing.
  • Permanent supportive housing (project-based HUD/VASH).
  • Employment and job-training services through Department of Labor (DOL) grants and California VEAP (Veterans Employment Assistance Program) contracts.

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