PTSD Awareness Month

Join us during PTSD Awareness Month this year to make a real difference for veterans year-round. Your support matters.

Now, more than ever, veterans need our services.

At Swords, every month is PTSD Awareness Month.
We provide:
  • Case management and mental health counseling for veterans with PTSD, TBI, Military Sexual Trauma and other visible and invisible wounds of war
  • Critical needs services for veterans in crisis
  • Permanent supportive housing for unhoused disabled veterans
  • Free legal services that connect disabled veterans to VA healthcare and benefits
  • Combat to Community training for first responders on veteran culture, signs of PTSD and TBI in veterans in crisis, and de-escalation techniques that save lives
  • Advocacy at the local, state and federal level for transparency, accountability and reform of policies affecting veterans’ access to care
Together we can provide veterans the services they need to heroically address and heal their wounds of war.

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