We’re vets helping vets

Build Community

Your donation allows veterans to experience a taste of normalcy that can meaningfully enrich the quality of their lives.
Your contribution is essential to our ability to staff and execute programs that have the potential to save lives. Please help veterans who experienced two years of extraordinary hardship during COVID. Thank you for your generosity and your compassion. We are sincerely grateful.  
Meet Sam

Sam (U.S. Army, 1960-1963) is a longtime resident of Veterans Academy in the Presidio, the first-ever permanent housing facility for formerly homeless veterans in the country that opened in 2000. Sam became homeless when he lost everything to Hurricane Katrina. He used to have breakfast together with other veterans but had to adjust to new social routines amid the pandemic. At a roundtable discussion with residents, Sam sums up the value of community, “This may sound silly, but mental health care is about having a reason to wake up and get out of your room and walk down the stairs and see other people. It’s the eggs and the toast and the bacon, that’s what mental health care looks like.” 

Meet Margie

When Margie (U.S. Navy, 1973-1979) heard that the San Francisco Giants donated tickets to Swords to Plowshares veterans for their 2022 Salute to the Military Game, she jumped on the opportunity for this outing. When asked about being invited to the Giants game, Margie replied, “it feels like we’re a part of the team!” Going to the ball game is an entertaining opportunity for vets to connect with the community outside of their housing site and participate in engaging activities they would otherwise have trouble accessing. It makes her feel like she is included in the day-to-day fabric of American life.   

Meet Dwayne

With an injury incurred while serving in the military, Dwayne (U.S. Army, 1984-1988) struggled with job insecurity and housing instability. In 2021, in the middle of the pandemic, he found a home at the newly opened Edwin M. Lee Apartments in Mission Bay. This year, he decided to take advantage of a new program Swords offered in partnership with Warrior Canine Connection to help train service dogs. The training sessions provide him with the opportunity to benefit his mental health and build a sense of community with other veterans. “I see some guys arrive crabby, but when they spend time with the dogs, everyone’s spirits are up,” says Dwayne. He is grateful for the sense of purpose and leadership he feels when participating in this program.