Transatlantic Practice Exchange 2018

Reports from ten frontline professionals on an international exchange of knowledge and practice

The Exchange brought together organizations in the UK and United States to explore co-production, coordinated approaches, arts, veterans’ services, and homelessness prevention.


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Succeed Before You Start
Tips from student veterans on planning for the GI Bill, transitioning to school, and dealing with finances and debt.
This toolkit is not exhaustive and not intended to be. This research is peer-based, gathered from those who went through it and learned from their experiences and solutions. We collected this material through our own experience as veterans, through our work with veterans, and through a series of online and in-person focus groups with 152 student veterans from 2018-2020. Along with strategies for getting through school financially intact, we include the pitfalls.
VA Rulemaking Petition to Amend Regulations interpreting 38 USC 10122
Pettion asking the VA to amend its regulation restricting eligibility for VA benefits based on claimants' conduct in service and address Bad Paper disqualification
Mental Health
Veterans and Bad Paper Fact Sheet
This fact sheet covers circumstances that could lead to a servicemember being less than honorably discharged from the military, and subsequent issues with access to care from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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