Raiders Foundation Honors Swords to Plowshares

September 2, 2016

Last night, the Oakland Raiders and the Raiders Foundation recognized two of our very own, staff members Randall Flagg and Dennis Johnson, as hometown heroes at their game versus the Seattle Seahawks. Our sincere thanks to the Raiders for donating 25 tickets for our veteran staff members and giving a monetary donation to support our mission here in the Bay Area.

At every home game, the Oakland Raiders recognize two Hometown Heroes as members of the community who have demonstrated a commitment and dedication to achieving positive social change in the area. Randall and Dennis were recognized during the 3rd quarter of the game for their work in coordinated outreach efforts for homeless veterans in the San Francisco Bay Area. These two veterans and the rest of our Outreach Team play a pivotal role in working to end homelessness among veterans in the Bay Area.  They provide on-the-spot assessments to determine homeless veterans immediate needs and bring them into our service centers for assistance and emergency housing placement. For veterans not ready to be housed, they maintain regular contact and work with the veteran until that individual is ready to take their first step on the path to healing.

At Swords to Plowshares, we couldn’t be more proud of Randall and Dennis’ work. These two staff members are a perfect representation of our “vets helping vets” model and we are thankful for their dedication to veterans. We also commend the Oakland Raiders and Raiders Foundation for recognizing the efforts of these two veterans and the overall work of our organization.