Join Us: Support the Dignity Fund

July 27, 2016

Last week, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved The Dignity Fund for this November’s ballot by an overwhelming margin of 9-2. The City and County of San Francisco created the Dignity Fund in response to a citywide survey conducted by Tulchin Research that determined nearly 7 out of 10 likely voters support a proposed 2% set-aside fund from property taxes that would be dedicated to providing services for seniors, adults and veterans with disabilities.

San Francisco has the highest percentage of seniors and adults with disabilities of any urban area in California, approximately 245,000 or 30%, Over 70 percent of the City’s veterans are over the age of 55 and nearly 30 percent of those have at least one disability. It is anticipated that by 2030 the city’s elderly population will grow by another 100,000 people.

With the cost of living skyrocketing in the area over the last couple years, organizations that provide services for seniors and people with disabilities have been asked to provide more with less resources than ever before. San Francisco has lacked a dedicated funding source for services for seniors and people with disabilities despite the demand being on the rise.

We’d like to ask our community to join us and dozens of other community based organizations in supporting this ballot measure in November. This funding will help Swords and other senior serving groups provide the services needed to keep residents healthy, in their communities, and self-sufficient.

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