Annual Report 2021Jobs for Vets

Training for Better Futures

As economic fallout from COVID continues to hit lower-income Americans the hardest, our Employment and Training team has an important task of providing job opportunities to unemployed and underemployed veterans during the pandemic.

U.S. Army veteran Joel Peterson graduating from One T.I.’s 10th Construction Training Program

We continue to connect our veteran clients to popular programs like the PG&E Power Pathways and One Treasure Island construction trainings which lead to job security upon completion.  

Shortly before COVID, Joel, a 5-year Army veteran, moved with his wife and children from Las Vegas to San Francisco after the death of their young son. They needed a new beginning. He initially got a job as a chef and found temporary housing with his in-laws. But when the pandemic hit and his mother-in-law became ill, he lost both his job and a home. One day, Joel saw Swords to Plowshares’ Outreach team with “vets helping vets” jackets walking around the emergency hotel where he was staying. When he finally found courage to inquire about it, Swords staff immediately enrolled him in services to secure housing and employment.

After securing a permanent home, he took a leap of faith for a new career path and signed up for the free construction training program with One Treasure Island. He was eager to learn the new trade and find work. In September 2021, Joel graduated from One TI’s 10th Construction Training Program. At the graduation, he was invited to be one of the three graduate speakers. Today, he is comfortably living in an apartment with his family and has recently begun his new position as a Carpenter Apprentice with Hancock Richard, Inc.