Programs & Services

Our model of care is based on the philosophy that the obstacles veterans face — including homelessness, unemployment and disability— are interrelated and require an integrated network of support.


Health & Social Services

Our Health and Social Services staff in the Frontline Drop-in Center provide critical care to help homeless and low-income veterans improve their health, wellness and long-term stability. For many of the veterans we serve, our Drop-in Center is the gateway to our continuum of care, the holistic model upon which our service delivery is based.


Supportive Housing

Swords has operated successful supportive housing programs for 25 years. Our stabilization and supportive housing programs, combined with a continuum of care, have provided thousands of homeless veterans with the stability and support they need to rebuild their lives. We continually expand supportive housing to meet the needs of veteran families, aging veterans and those with disabilities. We currently operate five Permanent Supportive Housing programs and two Stabilization Housing programs for approximately 421 veterans at any given time.


Legal Services

We are one of the few organizations in the country to provide free attorney representation and advocacy to veterans seeking Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits and military discharge upgrades. Our impact is seen in the daily work we do helping veterans access the benefits and healthcare they have rightfully earned through their service.


Employment & Training Services

We offer comprehensive employment and training services that allow veterans to stabilize their lives and become job ready. Veterans work one-on-one with staff to overcome barriers to employment, access job training and connect with local employers. We offer employment and training services in our San Francisco and Oakland service centers.


Supportive Services for Veteran Families

This VA- funded program provides critical services and short-term financial support to help prevent and end veteran homelessness. Move-in assistance, eviction prevention, housing location assistance, and a host of ancillary services are all designed to reduce the incidence of homelessness and are available for single veterans and veteran families.


Women Veterans

We continually work to improve our programs to meet the needs of the women who have served. In recent years, we have launched new initiatives to provide women with the specific services and support they need with referrals to services in the community and within Swords to Plowshares continuum of care.


Institute for Veteran Policy

Our policy department, known as the Institute for Veteran Policy (IVP), works to ensure that all veterans have the services and support they need. In addition to our advocacy work, IVP delivers cultural competency training, Combat to Community, to educate partners in the community about the unique issues veterans face. To date, we have delivered free training to more than 3,000 professionals – police, first responders, clinicians, service providers, attorneys and employers.


Income Support Services

Swords to Plowshares’ income support and benefits assistance are a critical element of our supportive services to help veterans achieve long-term health, housing, and financial stability.