Webinar Recap: Suicide & Post Holiday Depression

At Swords to Plowshares, the Institute of Veteran Policy is dedicated to strengthening existing systems of care for veterans.  We work in the community to educate the public about the needs of veterans and their families.  We know it is imperative for providers to gain a greater understanding of the nexus between trauma and suicide among veterans, and learn effective resources to ensure veterans a safe and supportive post-holiday season.

Last week, we presented our webinar: “Suicide and Post Holiday Depression,” and were able to train and provide continuing education units (CEUs) to over 125 behavioral health providers serving veterans in California.

Here are some reviews from last week’s presentation:

  • “Our first presenter Geoff was amazing. He gave clear, practical information that I can put into use immediately. I sincerely thank him for sharing so much of his story. It helps us to realize that our combat veterans can be so together and on track one minute but an event that is so ‘normal’ to civilians can set off an extraordinary chain of events for them. I admire his strength for the progress he has made on his personal journey and I’m thankful for the courage he has to share his story with the goal of improving services for his fellow soldiers and their families.”
  • “The narrative examples are compelling and real. The timing of the webinar was brilliant as higher education prepares for spring semester and the holidays pass. I always appreciate Dr. Joseph’s perspective and experience.”
  • “The most important thing that was new to me is the information about the National Guard. I worked almost exclusively with wounded Marines (and some sailors) both male and female for a few years. The past 3 years I have devoted my full time to Veterans issues. I am launching a nation-wide support program for Veterans – the information about the national guard and the fact that some Veterans do not self-identify themselves as Veterans was extremely important (I am a Vet as well) to me. I also had Veterans listen in and got good feedback on the seminar. Elaborating on Veteran Centers and their distinction from the VA was also very important.”
  • “First-hand experience of PTSD and its effects from a veteran, and updated diagnostic information about the condition. I was not aware that individuals that have experienced PTSD in their military experience have a greater risk of suicidal behavior. I will use the resources to provide them to clients that are veterans.”
  • “The statistics are alarming. We can never be overly prepared to serve our veterans – it is a continual learning and awareness effort. I will use the information to support those on our campus who work most closely with our student veterans and I will work to find additional resources as needed. The information and data help us to ascertain additional funding and support in addition to better serving our students.”

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Kevin C. Miller
Kevin served in the United States Marine Corps infantry from 2002-2006 with multiple deployments to Iraq. He graduated from Humboldt State University with a BA in Recreation Administration with a minor in Business Administration.

He works at Swords to Plowshares as the Strategic Partnership Associate and his primary focus of work includes building partnerships between employment and training providers, relevant state entities, not for profit associations and private employers. Follow his work on Twitter and LinkedIn.