The Power of Pro Bono for Veterans — Twitter Party!

In honor of National Celebrate Pro Bono Week, we’re co-hosting a Twitter Party for law firms & students interested in learning more on doing pro bono work for veterans. Participants can get a feel for the kind of work they’d be doing, highlights and challenges, and how to get started.

When and Where? It goes down Wednesday 10/22 starting at 11:00am PST. Simply log in to Twitter and search out the hashtags #PBW14 or #probono4vets to follow along.

Who? The party is sponsored by OneJustice along with Fenwick & West LLP and Swords to Plowshares. You can find us on Twitter at our respective handles: @OneJusticeOrg, @FenwickProBono, @vetshelpingvets and @probonokate.

What is a Twitter party? A one-hour block of time in which we post and answer questions on Twitter. The party is created with a uniform hashtag — in this case #PBW14 and #probono4vets — that everyone can use to follow questions and answers. Note the hashtags and tweets are permanent and can be searched out after the fact as well.

If you’re already doing pro bono work for veterans, we’d love you to participate by tweeting answers to questions.

Hope to see you there!