Litquake 2014: Women in War Recap

On Wednesday we hosted our first event in partnership with Litquake as part of their annual literary festival – Women In War: Truth and Fiction. We hosted a panel of three women veteran authors — Kayla Williams, Kristin Beck, and Mariette Kalinowski — which was moderated by Evette Davis who serves on both Swords to Plowshares’ and Litquake’s Board of Directors and is also an author herself.

Our thanks to Evette for all of her time, resources and thoughtful planning she put into making this event a success (nearly single handed)!  She was an excellent moderator, and as a result, we had a really unique and thoughtful discussion with an impressive and diverse group of women combat vets.

Our thanks also to the women veteran authors on the panel who shared their stories with us and the Litquake staff to make it a memorable event.

Last night’s event provided Swords to Plowshares another opportunity to support and work collaboratively with the community to provide an outlet for veterans to share their experiences through the arts.

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Here are a few soundbites from the evening. 

“I fought for freedom and liberties that I’m not given myself.” — Kristen Beck

“Female enlistments & commissions are at a high, yet there’s a decline in women represented in recruiting videos” — Mariette Kalinowski

“It was okay for men to have sex in Iraq but not for women.” — Kayla Williams

“We need to turn negatives into positives, from post traumatic stress to post traumatic success.” — Kayla Williams

Evette is releasing her second book – Dark Horse – the sequel to her first book, Woman King, on November 5th (7 pm) at Green Apple Books in San Francisco.

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