Vote YES on Prop 41 on June 3

Proposition 41 loosens some restrictions on bond funds in order to provide more housing options to California veterans. It allows funds to be used for expanded housing options in order to strengthen our ability to provide veterans with supportive housing. This is a necessary step to properly allocate funds where those funds are sorely needed.

The funds are there but unavailable due to constraints within Proposition 12 (Veterans Bond Act of 2008). Prop 41 will make those funds available to homeless veterans, veterans and veterans’ families who are at risk of homelessness, and veterans struggling with disabilities and unemployment. This will enhance the ability of community organizations to ensure that our veterans have access to safe, decent, affordable places to live with mental health, substance use, case management, or job training services also.

We want your support for this vital legislation. Please vote on June 3, 2014 and vote YES on Prop 41!

“The Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Bond Act of 2014 will restructure six hundred million dollars ($600,000,000) of the existing Proposition 12 bond moneys to allow for the construction and rehabilitation of multifamily housing for veterans and prioritize projects that align housing with services. Even with this restructuring of bond moneys, the act still preserves over half a billion dollars for the existing CalVet Farm and Home Loan Program.

The Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Bond Act of 2014 will expand housing and service options for veterans, cost-effectively leverage public dollars, reduce the number of homeless veterans and its attendant public costs, and place California at the forefront of our nation.”