Paper Dolls: 20 Women Veterans Stories Told Through Uniforms

Swords to Plowshares team members Star Lara and Kelly McFarland are honored to be part of this amazing and important project. Star reflects that it “draws on the collective story that simply could not be told in a more creative and thoughtful way.”

Being engaged in every aspect of its by-hand production makes the book mean even more to them both. “This is not just a book,” Star said. “I helped make the paper, I laid the type for the print. I was a part of the process.” Kelly feels “so incredibly moved by the diversity of the stories, and physically connected to the work because I helped make it.”

This process created a bond between all the authors, the editor, and the illustrator, even though many of them still have not met face to face. Star Lara sums it up eloquently, “My story is one out of twenty and we all share a common thread. The most inspiring part of this project is that through that common thread we are now one historical narrative.”

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