Marine Confronts Bullies, Injured in the Process

Instilled with the sense of duty, this Marine protects a kid from three bullies who attacked him instead. He was injured in the process but he had the courage to confront a hostile situation to protect others as a “moral duty.”

Ocala Post – A former Marine was severely beaten after he tried to save a teen from being attacked by three wannabe tough guys.

Witnesses told police that the three men had been harassing a 14-year-old boy and his friends all day, making racial comments, and kicking sand on them.

Finally, the 14-year- boy’s father, Leroy Wright, told them they needed to leave the beach, and he said that’s when they began threatening him.

“I see that these guys were not backing down, and I literally had to keep them at bay, and I looked up and here was Mr. Jones,” said Wright.

Wen Jones, a slightly built former marine, and father of two tried to step in and save the young boy as the three men were attacking him, Jones’ 43, asked the trio to break it up.

Instead of the men who were also slightly built walking away, they immediately began throwing punches.

As Jones struggled with the largest attacker, another one began hitting him on the back of the head, and a third jumped in and began repeatedly punching and kicking him, eventually knocking him unconscious. During the fight Jones’s orbital bone under his eye was fractured.

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After Jones was beaten unconscious, the three men fled, but witnesses took down their license plate numbers, and police tracked them down.

The three men were initially charged with misdemeanor battery but after police learned of the severe injuries Jones sustained, they upgraded the charges to felony battery.

When asked if he would do it again, Jones replied “yes”.

Source: Ocala Post, September 7, 2013