Happy Labor Day: Serving Those Who Have Served

Today is a reminder of the struggles that workers have faced to get a better deal, whether it’s paid overtime, maternity leave, or ending child labor. It has helped the United States become incredibly productive and it’s reflected in our vibrant economy. Let’s not forget about those who have the toughest jobs around: the men and women of our military.

Our military is full of people who are tasked with clearing roads of IEDs, winning hearts and minds, and rooting our terrorist cells. The toll it takes is not always apparent. The constant duress of possible ambushes and booby-trapped roads strains the mind. Many are impacted by explosions that are proximate, thus causing traumatic brain injuries that leaves people with concussions reminiscent of career in boxing or professional football. And so many are protected by body armor that saves lives but leaves them with damaged limbs and nervous systems. While they receive some benefits as a result, it pales in comparison to what they endure day to day after their service is concluded. PTSD, TBI, and other disabling conditions are lifelong costs they pay.

These veterans do not just do any job, they have a duty. That duty comes at a price. So when that bill comes due, it’s time for us to pick up the tab. It’s not time to let their claims sit in a pile while they wait years for what they’ve earned. Nor is it the time to have them “suck it up” and deal with it themselves. We expect a great deal from our military and in return we owe them the care to heal. We here at Swords have taken up the task to make that happen. And we hope you will join us in the noble task.