Profile of Courage Bill Boehm

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William Boehm

U.S. Navy, 1967-1971
William Boehm

Bill is a Vietnam Veteran who had many successes in life before hitting “rock bottom.” After the War he tried to get help at the VA, but at the time post-traumatic stress was not recognized and he was not able to access treatment. A San Francisco native, he went on to get married, start a family and opened his own business that thrived for more than twenty years.

However, the symptoms of his post-traumatic stress went untreated for many years and his family life began to unravel. He eventually sold his business and spent several years homeless and wandering the country before seeking help in 2010.

Bill was referred to Swords to Plowshares for supportive housing and mental health counseling. During his time working with Swords’ staff, Bill was also battling colon cancer and is truly grateful to all the support he had through it all.

Today he continues to veteran-to-veteran groups, helping other veterans and has made his home at the Veterans Academy.