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grand opening

Our thanks to all our distinguished guests who attended the Grand Opening of Veterans Commons. The show of support from veterans, veterans supporters, and our community partners was encouraging — it reflects the public recognition of the veteran homelessness problem and the commitment to solve that problem.

The speaking program was jumpstarted by Leon Winston, our Chief Operating Officer, and turned over to Michael Blecker who spoke to the need and highlighted this success in addressing that need. Mr. Blecker acted as emcee for the speakers who followed.

Special thanks to our speakers: Lesley Eckstein, Executive VP and Head of Community Leading & Investment; Ophelia Basgal, Regional Director of Housing and Urban Development; Victor Fleming, veteran resident of Veterans Commons; Mayor Ed Lee; Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi; and Reverend Norman Fong, Director of the Chinatown Community Development Center.

“This place is not only my home, it’s a community here, there are people working here in this building that will help you with anything, if you’re a vet and a resident here, and you need help, we have a staff to go to, problem solvers, I’m telling you.” – Victor Fleming, veteran resident
The speaking was followed by the ribbon cutting then refreshments and tours of the facility. People involved in community work from non-profits, government service agencies, and veteran supporters shared their work with each other. We reinforced the relationships that we have built towards the social problems that afflict our veterans.

Now that Veterans Commons is built and houses formerly chronic homeless veterans, we look forward to our next endeavor with the collaboration and support of our community. Thank you for your support of veterans and our work.

ribbon cutting

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  1. August says:

    Can Honorably Discharged Homeless Veterans IMMEDIATELY MOVE-INTO Veteran’s Commons directly from the streets, bypassing those VA funded prison-like & all-controlling 12-Step religious AA/NA cult insane asylum shelters and programs, if they are not interested in being labeled & slandered as “CRAZY, ADDICTED, or ALCOHOLIC”; are the homeless veterans RESPECTED & HONORED like that?

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