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Reducing Veteran Homelessness with Dignity and Teamwork

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Veterans Commons at 150 Otis Street

The Veterans Commons now houses 63 veterans one month after opening its doors to the public. The remaining vacancies are in process and the facilities should be at capacity by Christmas. With the high rates of homelessness in recent years, any endeavor that reduces veteran homelessness in a city with an estimated 1,500 homeless veterans any given night by 5% is extraordinary.

Extraordinary results took extraordinary effort and unprecedented collaboration among agencies at various levels and partner organizations. City officials and agencies were especially instrumental in providing surplus property and working with Swords to Plowshares and the Chinatown Community Development Center to rally to a vision that has real impact in the community. The problem of homelessness is apparent in a city that has seen the demand for affordable housing and other supportive services increase.

We are proud to have 84% occupancy one month after opening. The fact is that we have had such commendable support and collaboration with the City and County of San Francisco through its various agencies; the Department of Veterans Affairs; the Department of Housing and Urban Development; and community-minded partners like Home Depot, Good360, Wells Fargo, and our many supporters. The facilities are modern and meet the needs of elderly and disabled veterans.

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It is that kind of collaborative effort that makes a difference. Swords is seeking to expand upon its success this year with more collaborative effort. This holiday season sees our 25th annual holiday luncheon for homeless veterans with a backpack giveaway. We would like your help in sharing this campaign with friends and family and maybe a donation to help us with our work these holidays.

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