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Swords’ Award Recipient for Exemplary Work for Veterans

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Martha Ruiz

Swords’ Community Hero Awards Recipient for Her Exemplary work on Behalf of Veterans: Martha Ruiz, Public Housing Revitalization Specialist at the Department of Housing and Urban Development

We applaud Martha Ruiz for her tireless volunteer efforts to house the City’s most vulnerable veterans and her outstanding leadership of SF Homes for Heroes. This past summer, Martha led the charge for a 100-day campaign to house 50 veterans in San Francisco amidst a heated rental market. Under Martha’s leadership, the SF Department of Veterans Affairs, the City and County of San Francisco, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the San Francisco Housing Authority, Swords to Plowshares and others worked together to identify and create affordable housing options for the veterans using HUD VASH vouchers.

During the 100-day period, with Martha’s leadership and advice, this unprecedented collaboration streamlined efforts to house the “hardest to serve” chronically homeless veterans. The team spearheaded policy changes that will allow veterans in San Francisco to obtain housing, and to expand needed opportunities for project-based housing such as Veterans Commons. Inspired by the results, the SF Homes for Heroes team continues to work together to expand housing options and end homelessness for San Francisco veterans. 

For more about SF Homes for Heroes, visit the website.

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  1. Christine L.Jones says:

    19 Feb 14 Wonderful Wednesday, “I just wanted to Thank You” :-) Sincerely,
    Christine Jones
    Retired SFC Army

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