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Reducing Veteran Homelessness

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Swords to Plowshares continues to work against veteran homelessness. Initiatives from the White House, local organizations, and VA collaborations, particularly with the Department of Housing and Urban Development, are all taking aim at this problem. Given the severity of the problem, it’s important to see the faces of those affected by personal crises of homelessness.

This story by CBS5 highlights the problem of veteran homelessness. Post-traumatic stress, often referred to as PTSD, impacts veterans in their ability to function as “normal” civilians. The transition out of homelessness is addressed with HUD VASH vouchers which pay some or all of the housing costs based on income. Finding affordable and safe housing in San Francisco’s impacted housing market and property owners reluctant to rent to those on public assistance makes the struggle for stability more difficult.

This housing stability is key in helping our veterans recover because it has been shown to aid the psychological treatment to deal with post-traumatic stress. It is also crucial in finding and keeping employment. Our veterans deserve nothing less.



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