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Field Service Technician Training

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Our latest training opportunity for Veterans is finally here! We are currently looking for Veterans who want careers as Field Service Technicians with companies such as AT&T, Comcast, or Direct TV.

A quick overview of the hands on experience they will learn: wiring method, wiring installation, wiring system design, routing and dressing devices, local loop network, codes, regulations and industry standards, testing of hardware, certification of hardware. They will know how install a home or business with television, phone, and Internet access.

Veterans outcome will be to gain employment with not only the big three companies already listed, but also the second and third tier sub contractors who are used. The Veterans will receive one on one employment coaching including building a resume for these specific trades, training on how to pass the AT&T entrance exam (80% pass rate with training, 10% without), open job postings, and job opportunities made available to STP Veterans before they are public.

If you have any questions, please call Coleen Evans, Case Manager/Outreach Coordinator, at 510-891-8773 ext 329.

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