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Iraq Veteran Killed by SWAT Team

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Jose Guerena, a former marine and Iraq veteran was killed in his home by Pima County SWAT in Tucson, Arizona.  An attempt to conduct a narcotics search went tragically wrong when Mr. Guerena, a veteran of two tours in Iraq, awoke to a SWAT team breaching his front door.  He mistook the SWAT team’s entrance for a home invasion robbery and armed himself with a rifle he had in the home.

Contrary to initial reports, Mr. Guerena did not fire any shots and his weapon was still on safe when retrieved by the Pima County Sheriff’s department.  However, SWAT did fire 71 rounds killing Mr. Guerena in his home in front of his 4 year old son.  Pima County Sheriff’s Department also noted that no drugs or money were found in the home.

Tragedies like the one that took the life of Jose Guerena are becoming increasingly common.  The circumstances vary dramatically from case to case, however, combat veterans, weapons, and law enforcement are the constants.   Unfortunately, crisis interactions between veterans and police are on the rise as the over 2.2 million service members, who have served in a combat zone since 9/11, return home and attempt to transition back into civilian life.

Source: KGUN9, http://www.kgun9.com/news/local/122879804.html

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